Glazing unit in general

The FUCO-HEG robot glazing unit is designed for fully automated glazing of sanitary ware. Centrepiece of the unit is the glazing robot directing the glaze sprayer to the workpiece. Workpiece and position recognition with CERAM DETECT 2.0 allows working with ever-changing products.

Robot offline programming provides convenient implementation of new workpiece types and optimization of glaze consumption.

Below we like to present the components of the FUCO-HEG robot glazing unit.

Advantages of the FUCO-HEG glazing system

  • maximisation of daily output by reducing labour down to 1min. per piece
  • constant glaze application by continuous measuring and adjusting of density and volume
  • significant reduction of wear-part costs by using needleless diaphgragm spray gun
  • programming by customers personel with a MS windows-based FUCO-HEG offline platform
  • programming independent of type and brand. In case of robot exchange, programs can be translated/changed for the new type/brand automatically. No need to write new programs.
  • control of constant glaze application concerning thickness, so adjustments can be made with minimised downtime
  • use of 7th axis as workpiece seat and as part of programmed motion sequence of the glazing robot, thereby less dynamic forces andlonger durability of robot mechanics.
  • improved glazing performance by programmed parameters such as angle or distance of spray nozzle
  • easy editing of spray programs by deleting or adding points on the path