Casting systems

Solid casting, hollow casting, battery casting ? we have been at home in all areas of casting technology for over 20 years. Throughout the world washbasins, double washbasins, WCs and cisterns are manufactured in high volumes using our efficient casting systems ? in both standard as well as oversizes. FUCO-HEG casting systems fulfil the highest standards in terms of user friendliness and efficiency. With the help of computer-assisted manipulation units we can have mould weights of up to 600 kg moved and filled by just one person – for both vertical and horizontal casting. We can handle all pattern-drawing procedures for all mould complexities, with a variable number of moulds – including fully automatically. Our casting systems are also equipped with an automatic mould-closing and tensioning device as well as with an automatic filling system. For large quantities with a high and constant product quality.

  • Washbasin casting machines
  • Foot standing toilets casting machines
  • Wall hanging toilets casting machines
  • Flushing tank casting machines
  • Flushing tank hollow casting machines
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