FUCO-HEG driers fulfil the highest standards in terms of efficiency and economy of space – and demonstrate this repeatedly during ongoing operation in numerous ceramic plants throughout the world. Using an intelligent computer-assisted air control system, our driers achieve an averaging of the residual humidity of up to 0.6 ? 0.8{06105e1b926b51a75442da20d15ea774720d2c2f85a02c49b0909e09a6ae2ac9} and thus optimum drying out for all forms of cast parts. The two-storey construction of our driers ensures optimum use of the available space in the production facility because twice as many cast parts can be accommodated at the same time compared to conventional driers. Conventional shipping crates (cradles) can also be used – this saves time and costs.

Transportgestelle - zweistöckige TrocknungTransportgestelle - zweistöckige Trocknung 2