Slip preparation

We have further developed the traditional operating process for slip preparation through modern technology. From the robust individual aggregate
through to complete, computer-assisted and fully automatic dissolution, weighing, recipe and charging units ? our customers always receive a solution
tailored to their own requirements. This includes dissolution containers with a capacity of up to 25 m3 as well as sieves for varying requirements, stirring rakes up to 300 m3 as well as permanent and electromagnetic separators up to a capacity of 12,000 Gauss or up to 7.5 kW connecting voltage. Robust FUCO-HEG slip preparation devices are in use throughout the world – reliably and effectively.

  • Ball mills
  • Solver
  • Conveyer
  • Silos
  • Screening plants / riddles/ sieves
  • Baroid device
  • Permanent magnet