Partner for the Ceramic Industry

Since its formation in 1986 FUCO-HEG has developed into a world leading terotechnology company for the production of sanitary ceramics. Machines
and production facilities designed and built by us for renowned manufacturers such as KERAMAG or SANITEC today work highly efficiently and reliably with an output of up to 1.2 million units per annum. Our know-how covers all areas of the entire production process from dry sand preparation through to the finished sanitary product, from the individual aggregate solution through to the complete turnkey new sanitary plant. The modernisation of existing facilities and improving their performance are also part of our range of services.

The requirements of our customers are the measure for our actions. This has enabled us to grow continuously for 30 years. Our solutions are not off
the peg ? they are always tailored to the customer?s requirements and always comply with the latest technical standards. We develop new production
processes, lower manufacturing costs and ensure a constantly high quality of the final product. This gives our customers sustainable competitive
advantages ? and makes us a strong partner for the ceramic industry.