Robot handling

FUCO-HEG robot handling, in combination with every required robot brand (KAWASAKI, KUKA, ABB, FANUC or YASKAWA MOTOMAN), consists of robot, workpiece transfer tool and control. This control is available as FUCO-HEG offline programming system und offers the possiblity to carry out simple programming tasks without special knowlegde.

A further benefit is the position of sensitive moving  parts outside the range of wet and dripping workpieces.

Base cleaning device

After being glazed parts of the workpieces are cleaned of glaze by turning sponge rolls. A sponge disc tool cleans the base.

Outlet (Siphon access)

After being glazed, the siphon access of the workpiece is cleaned of glaze by a self-cleaning turning sponge belt.

Conveyor with aluminium bars or with belt

Glazed workpieces are transported to kiln loading by the robot handling tool. This transport system works intermittently and is driven by an electric gear motor with frequency controlled speed. Sensors guarantee exact positions.