Glaze spray gun with Glaze-Flow-Control System GFC

The FUCO-HEG glaze spray gun is a robust construction with minimized wear. This special design is a solely pneumatic system without noteworthy wear parts such as e. g. needles in usual spray guns. To avoid shock pressure the spray gun is supplied with glaze by a frequency-controlled eccentric screw-pump.


Continuous density and volume control and appropriate adjustment of the pump guarantees a constant glaze supply of the spray gun. It is possible to program different glaze parameters for glazing for example dependent of position and geometry. Spray and horn air are adjusted according to programmed density parameters. In common spray guns needles close the spray and glaze feeding. The FUCO-HEG system abandons high-wear needle-systems and uses diaphragm valves instead. Advantage is an enormous saving of spare- and wear- parts costs.

3D-ProSim offline programming in connection with needleless GFC spray gun optimizes results. The special FUCO-HEG offline-programming offers possibility to choose different programs of the spray gun whatever robot type is used. This simplifies working with different workpiece types or glazes. We can offer a compact add-on kit including control, pump, measuring and control system for glaze and pneumatic and needleless FUCO-HEG spray gun for rebuilding of existing devices.

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