Control and glazing unit

Our control and glazing units work economically, in an environment friendly, raw-material-protecting and long-lasting manner. In addition they are robust and reliable in ongoing operation. For our customers this means greater security in work process and in quality assurance.

The latest air-extraction technology and a space-saving construction distinguish the FUCO-HEG control units. Even aggressive dust is removed and filtered out, thus considerably reducing the workplace burden at the testing location. The FUCO-HEG glazing units for water edges and siphons  have been optimised for parallel processes and have freely programmable movement sequences for the most differing mould and pattern memories – thereby offering a maximum of  flexibility in production. All glazing units are equipped with a quick replacement unit for recovery of glaze; this has a robust design and is easy to clean.


  • rim-siphon glazing unit
  • double cabin for sorting blanks
  • double places for glazing
  • transport cradle
  • filters
GlasierkabineGlasiererei mit Glasur-RückgewinnungRohsortierkabineRohsortierkabine