Slop purification ? process overview

Schmutzwasserklärung - Verfahrensübersicht

The separator shown in the process schema has proved to be highly valuable for the purification of the most varied slops and more than 300 of the plants are now in operation. All mechanically and chemically contaminated waste waters can be purified and processed for circular flow operation or for discharging into the canalisation network with the separator. The good separating effect is due to the fact that the slop already flows very slowly when it enters the separator owing to the large distribution over the whole extent and shortly under the water surface has reached a speed of just a few mm/sec. The slow-moving rabble rake installed in the separator ensures that no sludge is deposited on the cone walls so that impeccable removal of sludge ? either by the hydrostatic pressure or by means of a sludge pump ? is guaranteed at all times. With the supported neutralisation of the waste water the installation of a ph-value regulation is possible without any difficulties by means of a dosing pump. The stirrer required with conventional construction (clarifier) is saved. The same applies if the depositing process of the solid particles takes a long time and for this reason it is necessary to work with flocculation agents. The addition of flocculation agents is carried out in the slop supply line and does not require any further work.


  • transportable
  • fast assembly
  • low water consumption
  • low space requirements
  • simplest operation
  • maintenance-free