Industrial cleaning and degreasing plants on solvent basis. Cleaning medium: hydrocarbon VbF A III

Solvent plants are in particular to be preferred in places where workpieces with narrow gap dimensions or high-creating workpieces make conventional cleaning impossible. Difficult geometries such as e.g. workpieces with cavities, blind hole borings, undercuts, tightly packed small parts can be optimally cleaned and dried here. The best cleaning results are also achieved here with small parts as bulk materials in boxes up to 1500 kg weight.

The machines are designed for degreasing plastic and metal parts.
Special attention is of course paid that all actual requirements of industrial safety and all existing environmental conditions are met.
Hydrocarbon of the VbF Class AIII is used as solvent. All plant components relevant to safety are vacuum-resistant.

Possible treatment processes:

  • Spray-wash with solvents
  • Spray-wash with solvents
  • Vacuum drying
  • Processing of the solvent
  • Separation of the oils and greases in distillation
  • Separation of inserted water from the distilled solvent
  • Separation of the oils from the distillation sludge in the post distillation (option).

The air evacuated during drying is guided via a cold trap in order to keep the discharging emissions as low as possible. Various cleaning programmes and temperatures and times can be set via an SPS control. The plants are designed both for manual infeed as well as for fully automatic infeeds.

2- Kammer Lösemittelanlage
1- Kammer Lösemittelanlage
  • Kunde: Automobilhersteller
  • Reinigungsmedium: Kohlenwasserstoff
  • Taktzeit: 10min / Gitterbox
  • Chargengewicht: max 1500 kg
  • Beschickung: automatisch über Kippstationen und Rollenband
  • Zweck: Reinigen von Auspuffteilen
  • Kunde: Presswerk
  • Reinigungsmedium: Kohlenwasserstoff
  • Taktzeit: 20min / Gitterbox
  • Chargengewicht: max 1000 kg
  • Beschickung: automatisch über Drehstationen und Rollenband
  • Zweck: Reinigen von eng gepackten Blechteilen