Picture 1 shows the filling situation of the ZBS. The drum will be moved vertically by means of a gear motor. This enables a very simple procedure, you will only need one person doing this. To move the drum into this postion, you will only need a lifting hoist or a fork lift.

Bild 1: ZBS beim Füllvorgang

Picture 2 shows the ZBS during the working cycle. The horizontal adjustment keeping a slide angle enables a safe and easy emptying of the drum after finishing. The cover keeps all required heat inside the furnace chamber.The liquid zinc is drained with the fixed launder section.

Bild 2: ZBS in Arbeitsstellung


  • The ZBS can be equipped either with a natural gas or an oil burner. Also electrical heating devices are possible.
  • A reliable temperature controling enables a mostly automatic running process.
  • Because of a good spare parts stock archievement, we are able to ship out all necessary spare parts as quick as needed.
  • We are also able to sell spare parts for competitor smelting devices, as drums, thermocouples etc.

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